Dileep’s look inspired by his and Lal Jose’s fathers

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 Ever since the older get up of Dileep in Kammara Sambhavam, it became a talk of the town. It was so perfect that majority couldn’t identify Dileep in this avatar. Acclaimed make up artist Roshan N G is the man behind this makeover. Now director rathish Ambatt has revealed their inspiration behind this look
“Infact Dileep’s 94 year old get up in Kammara Sambhavam is inspired by the look of Lal Jose’s father and Dileep’s father. We had tried Dileep’s face as base and tried several looks using some image rendering software and zeroed in on five variations before finalizing the current one. Dileep’s father and Lal Jose’s dad were references in this effort”
Rathish added that zeroing in on the look was just one part of the whole effort. The make up used to take three to five hours every day. The prosthetics would stay intact only for five hours. So the crew had to finish shooting what they could during that time.

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