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Lion Lion [ 2006 ]
Original title: Lion [ Hits:833 ]
Plot: Switch on ceremony for director Joshy?s new film Lion took place recently at Hotel Highway Garden, Ernakulam with Manju Warrier lighting the ceremonia

Chess Chess [ 2006 ] [ Hits:545 ]
Plot: Chess in a nutshell is a story of young man who is thrown into the deep end where sharks of the society swim with nonchalance. Dileep plays the lead

The Don The Don [ 2006 ] [ Hits:609 ]

Kochi Rajavu Kochi Rajavu [ 2005 ] [ Hits:944 ]
Plot: Dileep (Unni) hails from a big family of Kings. As India becomes a democracy his family is stripped off the crown. The film starts with Unni returnin

Chanthupottu Chanthupottu [ 2005 ] [ Hits:493 ]
Plot: Radhakrishnan (Dileep) is brought up like a girl by his grandmother (Sukumari) who wanted a granddaughter. She calls him Radha, which becomes his petn

Vettam Vettam [ 2004 ] [ Hits:564 ]
Plot: Vettam movie is wafer-thin about a petty thief who steals a precious chain and is on the run. A police officer (Radha Ravi) is on his trail as Gopi (D

Kathavaseshan Kathavaseshan [ 2004 ] [ Hits:704 ]
Plot: Gopinatha Menon (Dileep) is a smart young man staying alone in a flat in the city. One day he was found dead and his suicide note said that he is do

Perumazhakalam Perumazhakalam [ 2004 ] [ Hits:656 ]
Plot: Akbar (Dileep) is happily married to Raziya (Meera Jasmine). Akbar goes to the Gulf countries for a living. From there he accidentally kills Raghu Ram

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