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Orma Mathram
Original title: Orma Mathram
Category Movie Lists
Year: 2011
Production: Rajan Thaliparamba
Distribution: Horizon Entertainment Release
Director: Madhu Kaithapram
Dileep, Nedumudi Venu, HariSree Shokan, Priyanka, Dhanya Mary Varghese
The film revolves around Ajayan (Dileep), a clerk at a lawyer's office. Ajayan had an intercast marriage with Safia (Priyanka Nair) long ago. Ajayan and Safiya along with their five-year old son Deepu (Master Sidharth), were happily living in Fort Kochi. Ajayan wants his son to be a judge, which he couldn’t become. Here happens a tragedy in their life which completely shatters Ajayan and Safia. Their son Deepu goes missing and the story follows the father's journey in search of his son.
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