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Original title: Marykkundoru_Kunjaadu
Category Movie Lists
Year: 2010
Production: Vyshak Cinema
Distribution: Vyshak Movies
Director: Shafi
Dileep,Biju Menon, Bhavana,Vjaya Rghavan, Innocent
Certification U

The story takes place in a remote village in southern Kerala. Majority of the people living there are farmers. Dileep plays Solomon, a simple soul who is quiet in nature and fears virtually everything around thus earning the nickname Kunjaadu. The movie has two Mary’s. One is his mother, played by Vinaya Prasad. The other Mary is Bhavana. She is the daughter of Ittichan, once the lover of Solomon’s mother. Bhavana has been in love with Solomon right from their childhood days. Since Ittichan couldn’t marry Mary (Solomon’s mother) he is against the love his daughter has for Solomon.

There comes a strong character portrayed by Biju Menon, to help Solomon. Movie takes a complete U turn from there. Who is he? Why he wants to help Solomon? Will Solomon ever get Mary?Marykkundoru Kunjaadu will answer all these questions. Vijayaraghavan, Jagathi Sreekumar, Salim Kumar etc play other important characters.Marykkundoru Kunjaadu will have music by Berny – Ignatious, lyrics by Anil Panachooran and cinematography by Shyam Dutt.

Marykkundoru Kunjadu is turning out to be one of the biggest hits in recent times. This was released on December 25th, 2010 in 63 theaters across Kerala, and entered into 3rd week without any theater removals. Kunjaadu managed to collect a whopping 2.80crs of share from just 14 days which is very rare in Kerala Box Office. The biggest hit of 2010, Karyasthan, collected the same share from more than 3 weeks run.

9.04/10 ( 28 Votes )
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