Credits is the result of hard work by passionate and enthusiastic fans of Mr. Dileep, also known as Janapriya Nayakan, who want to share their admiration and appreciation of the actor with the rest of the world. would not have been possible to create without the help and support of these wonderful people we have mentioned below. All of them are essential to the efforts and this page is an attempt to give them the credit they so richly deserve. 

We would like to start by thanking the All Kerala Dileep Fans & Welfare Association for their immense help and support throughout. Special Thanks to the following folks for their interest & cheerful assistance in getting things up and running – Muneer P M, Rajesh Madhavan, Ranaprathap, Shanu Joy, Sharath Chandran and Bisin Bose. 



 Graphic Designs

 AKDFWA Support

 Romy S S


 Justine Jes Thomas


 Binu Gopinath


 Riyas Khan

Chairman AKDFWA 

If we have missed out on anyone, it was purely unintentional but please do let us know. 🙂

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