About DOL

Dileep Online was launched in 2010 when a group of similar minded guys decided to do something online in an organized way for Dileep (aka Dileepettan). Prior to that there were several Orkut communities and discussion forums where we used to discuss about Dileep and his films. Also we had another website www.Dileepfansclub.cc in late 2009 which was the first step towards creating a full-fledged website dedicated to Dileep.

We started working on DileepOnline.com in early 2010 setting the launch date as 27th October, which is Dileep’s birthday. None of us had ever worked on a website but everyone rose to the situation and worked very hard on our leisure times to fulfill the dream. Finally the site was ready by mid October and at that point of time we called Dileep to inform him about this. He was obviously happy but reminded us to keep the priorities clear and spend time for him only when we are done with other personal and official duties. 

As per the plan, the website was launched on 27th October 2010 and since then has grown several times in terms of reach and popularity. Several people including celebrities now keep a close watch on DileepOnline updates to know about Dileep’s movies and their box office performance. Several Dileep movies were first announced on our platform. We are growing day-by-day and assure you that we will never give updates based on rumour but only after personally confirming with Dileepettan.


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